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New Spotify App release just for kids

Spotify recently announced that they are releasing a stand alone App called “Spotify Kids”. This new offering is for premium family subscribers, and is focused on delivering the best kid friendly music and stories available to engage our future generation (our children). The streaming giant realized the youth population has been underserved with kid friendly audio content, so they set out to build a platform designed specifically for ages 3 and up, and something that can be enjoyed by the entire family as most parents, guardians and siblings enjoy listening together.

New kids app will become available from Spotify
Kids app

This new application is powered by some of the best industry experts in child entertainment; most of the talent came directly from disney, nickelodeon and brands that previously dominated the space. Spotify Kids is more visual experience than the traditional spotify App, as young children are generally more visual learners. Users have the ability to create a custom avatar, engage in visual experiences while they listen, and easily find and access content similar to playlists they already enjoy. There are also parental settings included that give users the ability to restrict and monitor the content being consumed, and they position themselves as a safer product, specifically built for kids. 

Many tech companies are revolutionizing the early education industry, and it’s clear spotify has cognitive skills and development in the front of their minds. This new App is currently in BETA testing, and is only available for download in Ireland. Spotify wants lot of parental feedback so they can make necessary tweaks prior to general availability, especially in US markets.

For more information and news related to the general availability product release, click here.

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