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Forward thinking pediatricians use telemedicine to thrive during the COVID-19 crisis

Patients stay safe and connected to the physicians they know and trust.

No one was ready for the devastation and isolation brought to us by the spread of Coronavirus in the US. Our country was full of life, with a booming economy, and everything came to a screeching halt. The healthcare industry got rocked, and it exposed many gaps we as a nation need to address. 

Social distancing in particular has created challenges for pediatricians and practice owners during the “busy sick season”. Families are too scared to go into offices, which is impacting patient care and practice revenue. 

Innovative technology is saving lives

Forward thinking pediatricians have adopted telemedicine solutions in order to stay connected with their patients, and are thriving with virtual care offerings. Many practices acted fast by providing this new technology to their patients which is helping everyone stay safe. Pediatricians are leveraging virtual visits to determine whether children need to be seen in the office, stay quarantined, or be admitted to the ER. Families are able to connect with their primary care doctors for prescheduled or on-demand appointments, without putting others at risk. 

Same great care

Outside of cold, flu and other viral infections like COVID-19, many patients need follow up care for chronic conditions like asthma, ADHD, depression and diabetes. Whether it’s a routine follow up visit or a medication check, these encounters are often more conversational in nature. Telemedicine helps everyone win and stay healthy, even during these scary times. It’s been heavily debated over the years, but is now quickly becoming one of the hottest tools. 

Access, convenience and cost

Telemedicine was in its infancy stage just months ago, but now the medical community is starting to realize the true long term potential. Virtual care is going to help globally with reducing healthcare costs, while opening access and helping to foster strong relationships so patients don’t have to settle for lower quality care that is convenient. Telemedicine vendors don’t believe that it will replace hands on care, it’s just a new and innovative channel that’s blazing a trail.

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